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At Philosophy Phorum, we provide support and resources for students, highlighting marginalized voices, to encourage the exploration of philosophy in a fashion that is made easy for them with accessible resources and a collaborative approach. We want to inform about access to creative and unique ways to explore and experience philosophy meant to provide a philosophical foundation for beginners and experts alike. Our monthly blog posts will detail film recommendations, TEDTalks, lyceums and suggested books for discussion. Our podcasts will feature interviews with those currently active in the teachings of Philosophy at the HighSchool,  University and beyond. Our resource pages include a variety of different intersections between philosophy and other interests. We would also invite student guests on the podcast to discuss philosophical point of study of personal interest. We bring this in the mission to foster not just individual but community growth.


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Our goals include:

  1. Uplift marginalized voices and their theories into the discussion of philosophy
  2. Spark the fun of learning about philosophy
  3. Encourage critical, creative thought and reflection
  4. Promote application of philosophy in everyday life
  5. Motivate leadership and meaningful action
  6. Inspire tolerance and exchange of ideas

“Learning philosophy is learning a particular kind of intuitive understanding” (Iris Murdoch)

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