Jiang Shigong is an advocate for the “conservative socialist” exponent of Xi Jinping Thought, a set of policies and ideas that are derived from the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping. Jinping advocated for a socialism (think of it as a branch of communism but instead citizens share equally resources as allocated by the government rather than the government owning most things under communism) with Chinese characteristics, using the ideals of Marx (think of Karl Marx, founder of the idea of communism which consists of an equitable redistribution of wealth and a state-centered economy rather than capitalism, the dominant system that the US uses that is guided by private ownership and a lack of government intervention) and Mao to establish China’s place in an international world dominated by capitalism.

Back to Shingong, he is a legal theorist that is opposed to liberalism in China that were brought down by the ascendence of Mao Zedong in 1949. Liberal ideas of intellectual freedom, separation of powers, and the rule of law became rejected in favor of an unwritten constitution of China that is necessary for the smooth function of the Chinese Communist Party in the eyes of Shingong. He argues that China needs to frame the state as an “ethical entity” that requires supremacy and is merely an embodiment of the people’s drive towards self-transformation.

This is what Shingong characterizes as the “Chinese solution” in which the path to modernity and a brighter future for China is found within socialism with Chinese characteristics, learning and absorbing the Western and Soviet models. However, this socialist takes Chinese culture at its foundation, rejecting the narrative that the Chinese people are masters of their own nation and the necessary step for a path to modernity. Instead, the State (or government) must be found within theories of Marxism.

Thus, Shingong’s revival and extension of Xi Jinping Thought marks a significant step in advancing China’s legal history towards one that is dominated by socialism. In his mind, this is the vital first step for progressing towards a more equitable future for the Chinese people.

To learn more abut Shingong and Xi Jinping Thought, visit the links below! I just want to remind you about the goal of philosophy. Regardless of whether you disagree with a position, it’s important to understand these alternative perspectives, analyzing the motives and rationale behind these theories.