I hope that through Philosophy Phorum you realize the value in uplifting the stories in theory and practice that often aren’t heard. Philosophy has many practical implications that has helped individuals find their identity, feel exhilarated, and survive. Besides sharing the philosophy, podcast, and blogs found on this website, below some are options for you to contribute to the ever-growing journey that is philosophy.

The Sunny Center

Mr. Peter Pringle and Ms. Sunny Jacobs were both exonerated after spending years on death row. They received no compensation and had a hard time integrating back into society. However, while in prison and continuing after, they found meditation and other forms of spiritual enrichment to generate peace and forgiveness. They implemented the Sunny Center Foundation to further their meditative practices and help other exonerees with their struggles, such as isolation and employment. This foundation provides housing and meals as they resolve these issues. To contribute to their project and brilliant philosophical practices that enabled Mr. Pringle and Ms. Jacobs and others to survive the brutal conditions of prison that continue to haunt them, donate here and visit sunnycenter.org


MAP’s (Minority and Philosophy) mission is to address structural injustices in academic philosophy and to remove barriers that impede participation in academic philosophy for members of marginalized groups. They host a wide variety of activities that has led to a network of autonomous chapters around the world. They aim to dismantle mechanisms that prevent marginalized groups from participating in academic philosophy and promote their philosophical work from marginalized perspectives. However, in order to continue these activities such as talks, workshops, and social picnics, they require funds that they are currently lacking, which is a detriment to their growth. To help with their campaign, donate here or start a local chapter!