Settler Colonialism

Settler colonialism. A complex, vast, and diverse theory that encompasses a wide array of things. But, nevertheless, I’ll try my best to break it down for you, especially since this is such a foundational theory to understand when analyzing Indigenous scholarship. Let’s be clear. Settler colonialism is NOT a thing of the past. It wasn’t simply Christopher Columbus or Jamestown settlers showing up to the Americas and displacing the indigenous. Settler colonialism is a global and transnational phenomenon that is a thing of the present. It differs from “colonialism” in that settlers come to stay, founding a political order that [...]

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The Four Waves of Feminism

Coming off our blog post last time about Judith Butler, queer studies, and feminist theory, it’s fitting to understand the history of feminism and how it has evolved through the centuries. People often have the misconception that all feminism is the same, remaining static throughout history. While there are certainly some similarities among the different “waves” of feminism, or movements, there are major differences that characterize the goals and methods utilized by each wave. Let’s go through each one of them, discussing the major figures and desires of each. First Wave Feminism occurred during the late 19th century, characterized by [...]

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Philosophy is mistaken for high-level academic work that constructs new concepts and exists only in big, old books that are hard to pick up. However, philosophy goes beyond this limited understanding. Instead, it can be loosely understood as the love for wisdom and development of the brain, which has a multitude of connections to everyday life. Philosophy intersects nearly every aspect of the world, enabling us to better think about how to train our brains. One sector of this is mindfulness. The philosophy of mindfulness begins with the basic premise that we are able to be fully conscious and aware [...]

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