While we often believe of learning philosophy through reading large and abstract books that can be daunting, philosophy is not simply limited to what we read from the text. Exploring philosophical principles and opportunities for discussion abound in movies. One that I've watched recently is "Firelight", starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Q'orianka Kilcher. “Firelight” tells the story of young female inmates who find a new lease on life by becoming volunteer firefighters. As the movie transpires, the audience becomes immersed in the upbringing that these young women come from, many from a very troubled background riddled with violence, drugs, and neglect [...]

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Kwame Anthony Appiah

Racial discourse has come to dominate modern political discourse and rightfully so. While America has made strives to reform its racial foundation that determines political, social, and economic interactions, the concept of race has entered into the American vernacular and societal consciousness. Kwame Anthony Appiah, rather than taking a socio-historical, classist, metaphysical, or scientific context, approaches through this previous frame of understanding. Appiah comes to approach the notion of "biological race" as problematic, arguing that these categories and labels are actually detrimental to the individual by constraining their freedom and limiting their possibilities. Essentially, the categories of race that we [...]

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Philosophy is mistaken for high-level academic work that constructs new concepts and exists only in big, old books that are hard to pick up. However, philosophy goes beyond this limited understanding. Instead, it can be loosely understood as the love for wisdom and development of the brain, which has a multitude of connections to everyday life. Philosophy intersects nearly every aspect of the world, enabling us to better think about how to train our brains. One sector of this is mindfulness. The philosophy of mindfulness begins with the basic premise that we are able to be fully conscious and aware [...]

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Cornel West

Oftentimes, philosophical discussion short-circuits diverse representation, forgoing its promise to include a wide variety of perspectives. In today’s blog, we will focus on Cornel West, a vital philosopher and political activist who has had a huge impact on modern race scholarship and social critiques. It’s important to note that past historical figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr. play a vital role in West’s philosophy, who hopes to communicate his legacy to the audience of today. From a young age, West became surrounded by prominent religious figures, regularly attending Baptist church where he listened to testimonials of those whose grandparents [...]

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