Uplifting marginalized voices unheard in philosophy.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Philosophy Phorum is to cultivate epistemic humility and break down cultural boundaries by bringing underrepresented philosophy to the forefront for all levels of expertise.


We help you find your love for philosophy so that your voice can be heard! Discover how philosophy plays an important role in your hobbies, interests, and personality!

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About Us

Philosophy Phorum aims to provide resources and tools for students to find their voices through philosophy, uplifting often left out marginalized theorists and everyday people. As most students lack access to philosophy courses, we provide interstitial learning opportunities so that students can understand the past, present, and future through different perspectives, such as those of Black, Latino, Indigenous, Asian, Female, and LGBTQ+ philosophers. 

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Philosophy can often be complex and hard to digest. We attempt to dissect prominent theories, people, and even films that you should watch to help explain the foundation of philosophy. Read to find the voices of those silenced in philosophy and how you can find your own with simple habits and practices!

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Don’t have time to go through our resources or blog? Listen to interviews and discussions with philosophers, professors, and everyday people about how we can use philosophy to advance our community. We explore how philosophy has become an avenue for advancing marginalized voices.

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Founder’s Message

Ever since I joined my school’s debate team, I’ve found a love for creativity and expression. While my peers and I held countless differences, philosophy seemed to be the unifying force that fortified a safe environment for us all. I have come to realize that Philosophy isn’t necessarily about always agreeing and disagreeing. Rather it is about appreciating the discussion about reality that will never stop. I became thrilled at experience the philosophy of Sophie Bosede Oluwole to Edward Said. However, I recognized that not many knew of these names, even if they were familiar with critical theory.

I created Philosophy Phorum to elevate these voices in philosophy while also elucidating philosophy’s practical side that is often overlooked by students. By teaching the patterns of thinking that foster better decision-making skills and more thoughtful reactions, we may be inspired to take action and bring change to the world around us, especially guided by the voices of minorities.

Philosophy can be deeply transformative but perhaps also elusive and intimidating given the broad range and scope of philosophical principles and almost ethereal nature. It is currently mostly kept until the college years and graduate programs, but I allege that early involvement leads to may be able to lessen this intimidation. Our resources should support free and creative thinking, as well as exchange of ideas that also show the application of philosophy to everyday life. Most importantly, these should be accessible to youth of all ages and background. This should be a forum for them to learn from each other and cultivate their personal and civic selves.

Please join me in this effort!


Dhruv Kapadia

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